We at Joy Doll Hospital want to wish you a Happy Easter. As we take time to reflect and mourn the suffering and death of Jesus, we are reminded of the terrible things that can happen to the mightiest of us. But suffering and mourning are not what the Lord has in store for us. For quickly, we rejoice in His resurrection and the promise of renewal of body and spirit and life eternal. We see the signs of this fulfillment all around us as Spring replaces Winter and the natural world renews before our eyes!

Joy Dolls don’t go through quite the trials that Jesus endured for us, but many of them have had a rough go in this world. In their restoration and renewal, Joy Doll Hospital hopes to bring a bit of joy and a hope to children in crisis through the gifting of these wonderful dolls and the message of hope and love they bear with them. Please reach out to us at info@joydollhospital.org if you’d like to help us in our mission!