Joy Doll Hospital works hard to bring joy to children in crisis, but even important tasks like this can afford a small pause to reflect upon those who gave their lives in the formation and protection of our nation.

Joy Doll Hospital Executive Director, Leah Barcus, will join Fredericksburg’s Rocking Horse Gallery in a commemoration of Memorial Day, May 29 and May 31, 2021. A number of special guests will be present at the gallery in costume and with special exhibits to honor our fallen soldiers.

Historic figures on hand to greet visitors to the gallery will include Gen. Blackjack Pershing, WW1 American Expeditionary Force commander; a WW2 Paratrooper; a Korean War soldier; Rosey the Riveter; and our own Doll Doctor as a WW2 Nurse.

Special exhibits include a GI Joe Action Figure collection, a WWI collection display, and a WW2 Victory Garden themed Joy Doll display.

Please, come on by the Rocking Horse Gallery, located at 803 Caroline Street, this Memorial Day weekend May 29 and May 31 to join Joy Doll Hospital in honoring those who have fallen in the line of duty.